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Seedswell Vegetable Farm Shareholder Guide 2015

Welcome to Seedswell Vegetable Farm’s CSA! This document will layout how our CSA works- including cost, distribution, items available outside of your share, etc. CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture. This is an agreement between you and us, your farmers, in which you pay for a share of the harvest for the season before it starts. Each member will receive their vegetable share, grown by us, on a weekly basis throughout the growing season. This provides us with the capital we need in the winter/spring when income is otherwise low, to insure that we can buy seeds, supplies, etc. when we need them. As we are essentially pre-selling our produce to a fixed number of customers, we can also plan production accordingly, making our farm more efficient. You, as a member of this farm, are choosing to support a local farm, and in turn will benefit from naturally grown, safe, vegetables for the season. You are also purchasing the produce at a rate per pound that is less than the retail cost. We will share the risks and the bounty of each season together. The average share weights from week to week will vary based on the time of the season as well as the weather. While we strive to have a consistent variety of crops, unruly Mother Nature is hard to predict and impossible to control; there are no guarantees in farming! This year we are offering a 12 week CSA share beginning on June 18th through September 3rd . We are aiming to have 5-8 different vegetables and herbs in your share each week (a value of $30/week). This amount of food will feed 2-3 non-vegetarians. Members benefit from the challenge of learning to eat in season and cooking with a variety of unfamiliar vegetables! You will be able to purchase honey other products that we produce here at the farm as well as fruit purchased from local farmers separately from your share each week as they are not included in the share price. A lot of time and care is taken in selecting the crops that we grow. We also make soil health in our fields a top priority. Through ordering organic seeds and the use of cover crops and natural soil amendments, we strive to grow an extremely healthy and tasty vegetable crop for your family to enjoy. Our produce is harvested within hours of your pick-up (except for certain crops that need to be harvested on a daily basis). You can enjoy a peace of mind knowing that we do not use any chemical herbicides, pesticides or non-organic fertilizers on our crops. We do not grow sweet corn, but it will be provided to you (included in the share price) from a conventional sweet corn farmer in Dutchess County, Dykeman Farms.

There are no work requirements to be a shareholder. We want our members to have a true understanding of our farm and how their food is grown. However, this farm is a privately owned farm, and as such, going beyond the farm stand and garden is not allowed. We are very thankful to the Mancini family for allowing us to farm here and we wish to respect their privacy as well as that of the others who live here. There are also lots of horses on the property. They are not our horses and we ask that you do not go in the fenced in areas, near the horse barn or pet the horses. When we have special events where farmers and/or landowners are present you will then be able to travel onto the farm while being accompanied by them. This is a fully operational farm and can be very dangerous if certain rules are not followed. We are glad to show you around on farm visits and during special events. We thank you for respecting the privacy of those who live here. We are looking forward to a successful 2015 growing season.

Thanks for being a part of it with us!

Your Farmers, Josh & Ashley Frost




o Please park in designated parking areas.

o When picking flowers from our garden, please make sure you are picking only from the area(s) labeled for picking. Please do not wander through the garden. If you are bringing children into the garden, we ask that you keep an eye on them. Please do not let them wander or run around in the garden. There are many things they can get hurt on in addition to crops that they can trample.

o Children are not allowed on or near farm tractors or equipment. They are very large and heavy machines which can be very dangerous. You and your family’s safety is paramount. Please abide by this rule.

o Respect the privacy of those who live on the farm. When the gate to the farm stand is closed, the farm is closed. Sometimes the gate will be left open for trucks to come in and out. If the gate is open, but the farm stand is not open or it is not during CSA pick-up times then the farm is closed.


o This year’s CSA will begin on June 18th and will end on September 3rd (12 weeks).

o Please arrive at the farm during pick up hours only.

o Please bring your own bag(s) or basket with you as we will not be supplying bags.

o Pick-ups are based on the honor system. Although we will try to have someone at the stand, there are times when we will need to run to the field and will not be able to be there. Remember: if you take more than your allotted share you take away from a fellow shareholder, who will not receive their vegetables.

o The BEDFORD PICK-UP time will be THURSDAYS between 3pm and 5pm.

o You will get an email each week prior to your CSA pick-up. This will be our way of sharing our week at the farm and will contain a list of veggies that will be harvested that week. A few helpful recipes and tips for storing your produce will be included in the email, which will also be posted on our website.



o If you choose to split a share (PLEASE TAKE NOTE: this year the shares are a little smaller then previous shares) so if you are splitting a share, please keep that in mind.


o FULL Shares are $360.00

o There is an option for us to pre-pack your share for an additional $30 fee for the season.

o Please make checks payable to SEEDSWELL VEGETABLE FARM.

o Payments must be mailed to the below address or dropped off during distribution times.

o Please note: the farm stand address is different from our mailing address.

o FARM MAILING ADDRESS: Seedswell Vegetable Farm P.O. Box 472 Bedford, NY 10506 RESERVING A SHARE FOR THE 2015 SEASON

o We will only be offering 30 FULL shares this season.

o Shares will therefore be offered on a first come, first serve basis.


o We understand that CSA’s do not work for everyone and have enjoyed our customers that shop at the farm stand. However this year we are taking a year off from the stand. With the time constraints of having 2 small children and Josh having a very full time job, we cannot do both the farm stand and the CSA this season.

2015 CSA Membership Commitment Form

Member name: ________________________________________________________________ Address: _____________________________________________________________________ City: ______________________________ Zip: _________________

Email address: ________________________________________________________________

Please make checks payable to:


Check number: ________________ Amount enclosed: ___________________________

Please Choose one option:

Full Share : ____$360___

Pre-Packed Full Share: _______$390________


In completing this form and sending this down-payment, I am becoming a member of Seedswell Vegetable Farm’s CSA program for the 2015 season. I understand that this 12 week season is planned to run from June, 2015. My membership means that I am making a commitment to support the farm during the coming year and that in return, I will share in the bounty of the harvest. A COMMITMENT FORM MUST BE ATTACHED AND SIGNED WITH EACH CHECK.

SIGNATURE: _______________________________________________________

Please mail checks to: Seedswell Vegetable Farm P.O. Box 472 Bedford, NY 10506

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Join us for our Community Supported Agricultural program. To learn more click on the link below.

This year our CSA will be 12 weeks (June 18th-September 3rd)


 2015 CSA Member Guidelines


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