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Mulch plastic and straw for melons, summer & winter squashfirst red cherry tomatoYum!First yellow Sun Golds!Beets and CarrotsBasilCluster of tomatoes... cant wait for them to be red!Heirloom tomatoesRed slicing tomatoesJosh in our greenhouse full of tomatoesJosh and Ashley hilling potaotesGarlic scapesBlue bird on our garden sprinklerBIG heirloom!Maple SyrupBaby ChicksFirst hilling of potatoesRadicchioCaraflax cabbageLeaf lettuce4.19.12 Peppers in Greenhouse4.19.12 Tomato greenhouse4.19.12 BLOSSOMS ON OUR TOMATOES4.19.12 Irrigating garlic & onions4.19.12 Leaf lettuce4.19.12 Beets4.19.12 Carrots4.17.12 Plastic for spring crops4.17.12 Trenches for potatoes4.17.12 Josh making trenches with the 'G'4.17.12 Josh getting ready to make trenches4.17.12 Josh adjusting the hilling disks on the 'G'4.14.12 Tomatoes and Romaine Lettuce4.14.12 Tomato Greenhouse4.14.12 Tomatoes!!!4.14.12 Tomatoes and Red Head Lettuce4.11.12 Swiss Chard4.11.12 Peppers4.11.12 Broccoli4.9.12 Peas4.9.12 Seeding Oats4.9.12 Josh seeding Oats4.4.12 Leaf Lettuce4.4.12 Garlic4.1.12 Greenhouse planted4.1.12 Compost and fertilizer in the tomato holes3.31.12 Mushroom Culitvating WorkshopOur eggs for Easter!3.28.12 Propagation greenhouse3.28.12 Eggplant3.28.12 Josh finishing tilling the garden3.28.12 Josh tilling our last garden3.28.12 Broccoli and cabbage3.28.12 Head lettuce3.28.12 Romaine Lettuce3.28.12 Leeks ready to be transplanted this week3.28.12 Hail on our peas3.28.12 Hail on our leaf lettuceDaffodils 3.21.12Sorrel 3.21.12Sage 3.21.12Peas are up! 3.21.12Leaf lettuce 3.21.12Pepper seeded 3.21.12Eggplant 3.21.12Head lettuce 3.21.12#1 Tomatoes 3.21.12Full greenhouse 3.21.12Garlic 3.20.12Fertilizing and weeding the garlic 3.20.12Using side knives to incorporate fertilizer for garlic 3.20.12Greenhouse 3.20.12Some of our chickens enjoying the warm weather!Head Lettuce 3.15.12Tomatoes 3.15.12Eggplant 3.15.12Josh cultiviating the garlic 3.15.12More culitivating 3.15.12Moving our tractor to BedfordGarlic 3.12.12Ashley seeding peas with our Planet Jr. seederJosh greasing our new seederJosh seeding lettuce and arugula usig oour 6-row pin point seederLettuce seeds in our seederAll of the supplies to seed.First ground tilled 3.8.12Tilling one of our gardens 3.8.12Getting ready to tillJosh making soil blocks for seeding 3.8.12Chickens enjoying the sun!They LOVE eatingPretty eggsOne of our 3 chicken coopsLettuce germinated 3.11.12Tomatoes 3.11.12Josh cultivating our garlic with our 'G' 3.15.12Garlic is up... 6''! 3.15.12Moving our Allis Chalmers 'G' to Bedford 3.15.12All shades of Maple Syrup (in order of boils this season)Josh putting up the ridge purline on our greenhousePutting the bows together for the greenhouseSeeding arugulaJosh using our 6-row seeder from Johnny's to seed leaf lettuceRototilling for the first time this spring! 3.11.12Happy chickens Collecting sap for the last time this year... 3.14.12Josh making soil blocks in our propagation greenhouseHead lettuce seeded in our 2'' soil blocksTomatoes March 6, 2012Eggplant seeded March 7, 2012Our first sap!! 2.12.12OUR FIRST MAPLE SYRUP!! 2.13.12Syrup coming out of the evapotator into a holding tankWhite Oak Farm's sugar shack in Yorktown, NYThe evaporatorHolding tank to hold all of our sap we collectPure water that comes out of the Reverse Osmosis machine and is re-used to clean the machine when we are finished evaporatingHalf of the ground posts inJosh making sure the ground posts are levelBreaking ground for our NEW GREENHOUSE!making sure the greenhouse is squareGround all leveledJosh moving some soil to make the ground level for our greenhouseMoving more soilDropping our sap off at White Oak FarmFirst collection of sap.  Most buckets were 1/2 to 3/4 of the way full.Andrew helping tap the treesJosh drilling a hole to put the spout in.Buckets hung!First drops of sap!Borrowing buckets from our friend Bri of White Oak FarmGarlic just starting to pop out of the ground!  February 10, 2012Bringing our tractor home on our 'new' trailer!Using the basket weeder in January!New Years Day farm work.  It was 50 degrees!Our Allis Chalmers 'G' and basket weederSome of our equipmentSo yummy!Rototiller & Ford TractorAll 3 of our tractorsAllis Chalmers 190 XT with chisel plowChisel plowing early springThe Farmers!
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