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Welcome to Seedswell Vegetable Farm!  We are a small owner-operated vegetable farm and farm stand located in Bedford, NY.  We provide the healthiest produce possible by growing high quality, all natural vegetables without the use of synthetic herbicides or pesticides. We focus on the use of cover cropping, crop rotation and compost to build soil life and structure because we understand that the key to great tasting produce is healthy soil.  We see it as our responsibility to continually improve the land in our care, such that it will continue to be productive for future generations.

Regardless of where you buy your vegetables:  a CSA, a farmer's market, or farm stand, we feel it is important that you know where your food comes from, how its grown, and to trust the people who grow it for you. The majority of what we offer in our stand is grown soley by us.  However, there are a few crops that we can not grow which we buy from our farmer friends.  They are farmers that we know and trust who have the same goals and beliefs as we do:  to make sure the food we are providing is grown in the best, healthiest way possible.

Weare headed into our 4th season of getting to know the land we are using and all of our customers in the local community.  Each year we have been able to expand to meet growing demand.  This year, as each year does -  is promising lots of new things.  We can not wait to enjoy them with you!  This is our second year of offering a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program.  Madison will be a BIG SISTER in April, and both of our children get to enjoy growing up on a farm and learning all there is to know about growing your own food and caring for the land which we have been given.  We are so happy to share our family and our food with you!

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